Rs 4 000

CENTRE / Vacoas
24 nov. 10:08
  • Description :

    Power: 1500W
    Volume: 3.5L
    WiFi connectivity: App Mi Home (Android e iOS)
    OLED screen (touch panel and rotating wheel)
    Built-in Grill
    360° heated air circulation
    Also a yogurt maker, a fruit dryer a microwave oven and an electric oven
    Continuous cooking up to 24h
    Adjustable temperature 40°C to 200°C
    24h long continuous operating time
    Smart recipes
    Make it easy with smart recipes
    Smart scheduling
    Up to 24h
    Pre-set the Air Fryer, and have a hot meal waiting for you when you get home

    With temperatures between 40 and 80ºC (low temperature), you will be able to ferment yogurts, dry fruits and meats or defrost products. And with the high temperatures (between 80 and 200ºC) you can fry potatoes, bake bread, toast vegetables...

    Condition: 10/10
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    Price: Rs 3 700
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